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About us

Hexempo, Ltd., was established due to the demand for comprehensive services in the segment of the labor market. On one place the company connects different businesses, job seekers and a number of demands from companies, so that a large room to ensure the cooperation of both parties can be created.


Our main objective is to simplify the job search by candidate and to streamline the selection of new employees for companies. We constantly monitor current trends in the labor market and we try to respond to the lack of services and to the requirements of our clients. We operate in several countries and we let ourselves guide by the highly developed globalization and migration of people.

We try to promote job opportunities in Slovakia and abroad, thus facilitating mutual communication and interaction between businesses and potential employees. 

Another priority for us is a mutual cooperation of companies which look for suppliers and create queries. Thanks to our portal you can create a corporate profile for free and thus easily obtain the contract.


We offer online services and our highiest priority are the needs and interests of clients. We care about tracking individual problems clients come to us with and focus on the subsequent solution and elimination. Therefore, we try to be prompt when such a situation occures. We are constantly improving ourselves and try to increase the satisfaction of companies and individuals in finding the right employment.


One of our principles is the simplicity of the environment in which the client moves. Therefore, we have created a clear and easy content virtual environment with the possibility of online support (ancillary support components of the site for the visitors).